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Insulating joints

Insulating joints are used to interrupt the electric conductivity of pipelines or rather a system of cathodic corrosion protection. An integrated lightning protection conducts high voltage through the patented spark gap. This means that the insulating joint cannot be destroyed by electricity and is fully functional after the occurrence of a surge.


Insulating joint comes in various versions, pressure levels and connection types for serveral media like gas, water, district heating etc. It is used in all sorts of different pipelines like in the conventional construction of pipelines, plant construction and compressor and regulator stations.


Product features:


- integrated and patented spark gap;

- cathodic corrosion protection possible;

- ready to install, fiction-locked and fully welded design;

- no loss of preload force;

- homogenous seamless external insualtion;

- resistant to deffection;

- symmetric or asymetric design;

- optinal brackets for external spark gap;

- different external and internal coatings possible (Standard is without internal coating);





Insulating joint for gas, oil, flammable liquids, water, acids, bases and district heating for above-and below-ground use.

Min. temp. range -60°C to +50°C

Standard temp. range -10°C to +50°C

Max. temp. range -10°C to +150°C




With flanged, welded or welded-flange ends

Outer diameter, connection and wall thickness as per customer‘s specification

Available from 1‘‘ to 60‘‘
Design pressure up to PN420


Manufacturing and materials